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   Collective TV reception system   WISI Compact 2

WISI Compact 2

Headend WISI Compact 2, is a German manufacturer of television equipment.  WISI are proven for their reliability and quality of their products. The station is a supplement product line Compact and has a 7 and 14 modular design.

The set of modules allows you to receive essential analog, digital and satellite channels and an AV signal, converting it into a digital or analog form. Most types of modules will allow dual station, which will take in the maximum configuration of 28 frequency channels. At a relatively high price, the station will allow you to resolve the problems of organizing cable television in the hotel where a planned or already installed coaxial cable network exists.

Most types of modules are dual station, which will take in the maximum configuration 28 frequency channels. 

The technical department of PWV produces the full cycle of works by calculating the configuration of the headend to the final commissioning of the equipment.

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