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FCS Unicorn

FCS is the largest manufacturer of software for hotels. The company has been operating in the hotel industry since 1982. FCS software solutions use more than 5,000 hotels in 32 countries. FCS offers a full range of solutions to improve the quality of service for guests, staff efficiency and productivity of hotel services.

FCS Unicorn system is based on Windows and is designed for billing, establishing and implementing communication. The system allows you to efficiently and flexibly manage a hotel guest’s account, as well as to take into account all communication costs and use of hotel services.

When using the Unicorn system, services related to providing guests with communication become automated, and all payable services are combined for the duration of stay at the hotel. Hotel owners can keep records:

  • Local / international calls

  • Minibar usage costs

  • The cost of using the Internet.

Information about the costs comes directly to the account of the guest. Flexibility and ease of use, an integrated full package of opportunities - these are the reasons why hotels choose Unicorn.

Along with the consolidation of information on all expenses recorded during the entire stay of a hotel guest, Unicorn system provides an upd ate on the state of the room during the day. The system has a direct communication channel with the reception desk of the guests and operates in real time. A distinctive feature of the system is the availability of standard and customizable report options, which allows to satisfy various hotel requirements.

The communication mechanism allows the system to block and unblock the telephone line, based on the fact of the entry and exit of guests, to intercept calls and track incoming calls, record the duration of calls. In addition, the system creates and deletes guest voice mailboxes in accordance with guest entry and exit information.

The Unicorn system is fully integrated into other systems and hotel functions, including the following: key card settings, billing for the use of domestic pay TV, a service point (POS), specialty stores and hotel outlets, an Internet billing system, a numbering system and premises, building management system (BMS) and coordination of work with various cellular networks.

Unicorn offers a complete se t of solutions to improve the quality of hotel service and also allows you to track staff performance and productivity of hotel services. Includes systems: e-Connect, e-Engineering & e-Concierge, designed specifically to measure, analyze and improve the performance of the hotel.

e-Connect is an automatic guest inquiry system that allows hotel owners to offer their guests the provision of services that are controlled by one touch. Guests need to press just one button on the phone in the room in order to make a request for the provision of any type of service.

e-Engineering - optimization, expansion of management and maintenance of hotel resources. Provides full support for all planned engineering tasks for room service and public areas. All work orders can be created by the agent in the call centers, other departments inside the hotel and in engineering and design departments.

e-Concierge system, designed to manage work with guests. All functions, ranging from profiling, reserving places in a restaurant, distribution area and generating reports, can be provided with an easy-to-use integrated system.

For purchase, design, installation and maintenance of the Unicorn system please contact our company. Our technical experts will select the optimal solution for your hotel.

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