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FCS WinVoice

FCS was founded in 1982. The company is a leading provider of hotel business solutions and has offices in more than 16 countries around the world. With nearly thirty years of experience, FCS has developed integrated solutions for more than 5,000 hotels with more than 8,000 installations in 32 countries. FCS is a partner chosen by large hotels operating around the world.

FCS WinVoice is one of the most common communication and voice messaging systems, designed for hotels and hotel complexes. The communication system is designed for mini-PBX systems, with the support of the WinVoice system with the protocol of the service interface using only voice card. New technology service interface point provides a safe, effective and complete message sending by guests. All guest messages are processed and stored on a dedicated server in a software version, which provides ease of access to important messages if necessary.

The advantages of the unique FCS WinVoice technology for hotels are as follows:

  • Easy installation

  • Flexibility and versatility

  • Centralized / dedicated server

  • Complete unified messaging system

  • Support many languages.

The FCS WinVoice system has four main features:

  • Voice Mail 

  • Auto Wakeup 

  • Mini-Bar - a system for presenting information from a minibar

  • Room Status - update the status of the room.

Voice Mail is a powerful voice messaging system. The system automatically integrates and works with all mini-ATS of hotels and object management systems, access to which is possible from anywhere in the world. The Voice Mail system stores all unanswered incoming calls, and records messages.

Auto Wakeup is a voice alert system that automates calls programmed to wake up guests, has a comprehensive reporting system to ensure effective management of these calls and meets the basic requirements. Has the ability to program individual and group calls.

The Mini-Bar system allows a hotel to use hotel telephones to transmit information about the expenses of a minibar, capturing information about the income received from guests. Information is sent to the hotel system and is recorded in the account of a guest. It also helps a hotel store information on searching for various products, immediately use or remove the appropriate stocks. The advantages are the convenience of a system that helps the hotel save time. In addition, the system ensures the accuracy of the information transmitted about the goods and minimizes the time for the continuous updating of the accounts of guests.

Room Status is an interactive voice answering system that increases hotel efficiency by increasing the flow of information between the economic system, the design and maintenance system, and the PMS system. With the help of the Room Status system, the business department can use existing telephones and identification information to transmit information about the number status and maintenance requests. In the case of a one-time transfer of information, the staff at the registration desk will be notified of the availability of the room, and will also receive information about its readiness to accommodate a new guest there.

For purchase, installation and maintenance of the WinVoice system please contact our company. Our technical experts will select the optimal solution for your hotel.

For commercial offer please contact our specialists.

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