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   News   Onity New TRILLIUM Lock Series

Onity New TRILLIUM Lock Series

Date of publication: 25.07.2016
Category: New products

Much like the rest of the world, the hospitality industry is changing rapidly; properties need products that allow them to seamlessly offer the kind of state-of-art, efficient and secure experience that guests are accustomed to in other areas of their lives, wrapped in aesthetics that flow with such modern trends. Design is important to hoteliers, and style-focused names are appealing to customers.

Onity-Trillium.pngThe current Onity HT series lock aesthetics were introduced prior to 1993, ADVANCE was introduced in 2005, and RFID readers were added in 2009. Technology has evolved at “supersonic” speed since then and this has enabled changes in electronics, which result in reduced space requirements allowing for nicer looking designs. It is a good time to replace existing Onity locks with something that portrays a new and refreshed offering.

Onity is introducing TRILLIUM, an updated electronic lock with improved aesthetics and enhanced security options. The new lock brings a refreshed look and an extra RFID technology option, by implementing MIFARE Plus technology for added security. In fact this is a required feature option for certain key customers.
In addition this project provides the mechanical hardware to house next generation functionality. Aesthetics are important to the market and Trillium provides an easy upgrade path to our existing customers, reducing their installation and training costs by utilizing the current footprint.  

The official launch will take place in September.


Onity-Trillium-Advance2.jpg        ADVANCE-Trillium-RFID.png