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Hotel service robot

Date of publication: 09.11.2021
Category: New products

Contactless, reliable, secure , end to end service and easy to use - Hotel Delivery Robot!

Your Hotel Robot can easyly become your Concierge:

  • Deliver guest amenities / VIP gifts
  • Deliver food / breakfast to guest room
  • Provide guiding services

It has independent elevator operation function, autonomous recharging, intelligent mapping, ready to provide 24/7 service & support.

Hotel Robot decrease labor and management costs and boost customer loyalty: 12% of robot related OTA reviews showed willingness to book the hotel again.

Your Hotel Robots serving at 10,000+ hotels worldwide.

In June 2019, Yunji's robot has completed 2961 tasks with an average of 98 tasks completed daily in a Mercure hotel in China.

View more on and stay tuned.