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Helvar Monitoring & Maintenance

Date of publication: 16.08.2019
Category: Hospitality and hotel news

Building sector faces increasing cost challenges:

  • Do faster, cheaper;
  • Longer warranty times;
  • Customers expect solutions, not investigation.

With Helvar, meet customers’ expectations and beat competition. 

  • Cut time on site;
  • Fix issues before they become problems;
  • Offer solutions, not problems;
  • Focus on productivity.

25% faster installation

Real time system diagnosis during installation and commissioning helps you save time and be more efficient.

helvar система управления освещением

30% fewer site visits and less travel

With remote monitoring, you have full visibility of all errors - anytime, anywhere - making it much easier for you to plan ahead.

helvar система управления освещением

80% less time spent on site

For when you do need to go to site, our service gibes you an automatic problem diagnosis, a fix recommendation, and points you to the correct location on the floorplan.


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