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Good way to protect your guests privacy
Bittel PrivacyGuard function clears the memory of the phone to protect your guests privacy
New projects
Hospitality Equipment for Park Inn Pribaltyiskaya
More than 500 hotel TVs and hairdryers have been supplied by PWV for Park Inn Pribaltyiskaya's guest rooms
New projects
LG Hotel TVs Provided to Hotel "Samara"
PWV became a supplier of hotel TV solutions for Samara Hotel
Air humidification - why do we need it?
Fans circulate dry air around the room and air conditioners remove moisture from the air. A humidifier may be useful in this matter
What's new can and should be learned about hand dryers?
Today we want to tell you about our partner Dyson and specifically about the innovative hand dryer Dyson Airblade V that we recommend to use in hotels

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