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   News   PWV 20th anniversary!

PWV 20th anniversary!

Date of publication: 13.09.2023
Category: Company's life

Summer 2023 became a special time indeed for us as we celebrated our company's 20th anniversary in Parusa Krestovskii banquet hall.

Throughout this time, we've been striving to elevate the hospitality industry to an even higher level, helping our clients save time, effort, and money. We've been finding the best budget-friendly and technological solutions, studying and growing in the market, and creating our own products.

We are delighted that on this occasion, just like in our work, we felt like a close-knit team, celebrating the achievements of the best among us, making plans for the future, knowing that 20 years is just the beginning of our journey.

We believe that the company's anniversary is also our shared celebration with our partners, who make the world of hospitality more convenient and technologically advanced with each passing year.

It's becoming increasingly difficult for us to list all our clients to thank them for their trust, but we know that it's thanks to them that we are evolving, improving, and moving forward.

We are setting more ambitious goals for the future with confidence and hope to continue to amaze you.

Congratulations to us on our Anniversary! :)



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