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   News   The “Hospitality Solutions” conference was held in Yalta.

The “Hospitality Solutions” conference was held in Yalta.

Date of publication: 12.12.2014
Category: Events

The “Hospitality Solutions” conference, organized by PWV on November 27 in the Yalta-Intourist Hotel, assembled representatives of the hospitality industry from the Crimean region.

The official partner at the conference - Samsung Electronics, introduced the interactive hotel system LYNK SINC.  The LYNK SINC solution, allows us to provide guests with hotel services and access to content and online resources.  It includes the ability to select the desired content directly from the TV screen.

Samsung has demonstrated their 2014/15 range of news monitors.  These are TV’s with a curved plane screen and a resolution of 4k (UHD).  They feature a professional widescreen display for mart Signage TV.

Crestron has introduced an integrated automation solution - from lighting and climate control, to video and audio! 

Crestron provides transmission of multimedia signals within a room, with a simple control system. 

The Crestron company offers a wide range of both hard and software products, in the field of centralized management and control.  It presents the information in a single, integrated network.

Dmitry Levkin, commercial director of PWV, discussed the musical content of Musicstyling within the public areas of the hotel.

The conference introduced the hotel systems company; Honeywell: energy saving and room automation.  Inncom by Honeywell, is a specialized hotel system.  With small investments it can save up to 35% operating costs of the hotel (electricity, heating and air conditioning).

The program at the conference introduced an interactive hotel TV system: Quadriga Sensiq. Sensiq is an advanced technology platform, that provides the user the ability to create their own interactive television system.  This is based on the requirements of the user, to adjust the content and appearance. The platform allows guests to share their requirements with powerful multimedia technology and offers a variety of different content.

The Alcatel-Lucent representative discussed the Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise telephone system, with new software Call server. OmniPCX Enterprise, provides the hotel telephone service with a wide range of network services.  This Includes connection to the public telephone network to ISDN, CAS, two-wire line, centralized voicemail, roaming DECT and Wi-Fi. All without the creation of a dedicated telephone network! The advantages of this product are; support for popular hotel service, docked with known PMS (Property management systems) systems and multi-lingual voice prompts for hotel guests.

PWV would like to thank all the guests and partners for their participation and support at the event and warmly invites everyone to the conference next year in Sochi!