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   News   The Hotel Dedeman Park, now open in Izmailovo, Moscow

The Hotel Dedeman Park, now open in Izmailovo, Moscow

Date of publication: 15.04.2015
Category: New projects

Dedeman Park Hotel, Izmailovo, Moscow, was opened in April 2015.  It is the first hotel opened in Russia by the Turkish hotel chain, Dedeman Group.  PWV supplied and installed all of the hotel TV's by LG, the LG ProCentric server and the C interactive system, LG ProCentric.  The hotel guests can easily find and enjoy all of the interactive television entertainment, available through the application of the "Single channel list". It is also possible to check the weather forecast and get acquainted with all the services offered within the hotel.  Additionally, the Dedeman Park Hotel installed Digital Signage with professional panels by LG, both in the lobby and conference rooms.  In all of the hotel rooms, PWV installed hospitality telephones by the manufacturer BITTEL.