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   News   The Hospitality Solutions annual conference was held in Moscow and organized by PWV.

The Hospitality Solutions annual conference was held in Moscow and organized by PWV.

Date of publication: 29.05.2015
Category: Events

The main partner of the conference, LG Electronics, presented their latest commercial and hotel televisions, displays and the hotel TV system Pro:Centric V and Pro:Centric Smart.

LG Pro:Centric - is middleware software that simplifies the setup and management of the LG hotel television.
The functionality of the platform Pro:Centric V allows us to offer hotel services that significantly reduce operating costs. This solution allows for centralized management of the LG Hospitality TV and offers the possibility of creating an information portal.

Platform Pro:Centric SMART functionality in conjunction with the Pro:Centric V, provides a full interactive functionality such as a personalized greeting for guests, a viewing account with PMS compatibility and much more.

During the presentation, the representative of LG Electronics announced a line of professional displays equipped with built-in media players, as well as models of the supported interface webOS. These options allow you to remotely schedule and play content, without the use of additional equipment.  It simplifies user interaction and increases enjoyment with the device.

The complex equipment of the hotel Hospitality TV's and professional panels, allow the customer to raise the level of service to a very high standard, thereby attracting more loyal customers to their business.

Crestron also introduced an integrated Crestron automation solution - from lighting and climate control to video and audio. Crestron allows for the transmission of multimedia signals in to a room with a simple control system.

Dmitry Levkin, commercial director of PWV, presented the musical content 'Musicstyling'.  This provides a full musical accompaniment within the public areas of the hotel. We offer the music content of the British company Musicstyling. Among our customers more than 80% of hotel chains.

At the conference, the Honeywell hotel systems were introduced.  They provide energy saving and automation within the rooms of the hotel. Direction Inncom by Honeywell - are specialized hotel Systems that with a small investment can save up to 35% of operating costs (electricity, heating and air conditioning).
Included in the program was the interactive hotel TV system Quadriga Sensiq. Sensiq - is an advanced technology platform that provides the ability to create its own system of interactive TV.  This is based on the users requirements with regards to content and appearance.  The platform allows you to share information and powerful multimedia technologies, offering different content to fulfill the needs of the hotel guests.
PWV would like to thank their partners and guests for their attendance and participation at the event.