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   News   Bittel UM 77 Trimline IP

Bittel UM 77 Trimline IP

Date of publication: 29.06.2017
Category: New products

Bittel UM77 Trimline phone is specially designed for bathroom. Extremely waterproof, UM77 Trimline provides the durability and dependability you need, in a package that is sure to dress up any location.

Bittel offers a wide range of modifications of UM77 Trimline series: single/two line, corded/wireless, desk/wall mounted, or even a model with additional memory buttons on the handset.

Today we would like to offer you SIP version of well-established UM7713 phone.

UM 77 Trimline SIP phone has all the necessary advantages of hospitality phone: the last dialed number disappears after 5 minutes to protect guests’ privacy, the ABS-plastic body protect well against external impacts, the faceplate can be printed in your corporate style. Regardless of the version you choose, this hospitality phone will be the best solution for the hotel.