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   News   Congratulations to Alexander Gerasimov on 5 years at the PWV Team!

Congratulations to Alexander Gerasimov on 5 years at the PWV Team!

Date of publication: 01.08.2022
Category: Company's life

Congratulations to Alexander Gerasimov, our Head of the Automation Systems Department, on 5 years of experience in the PWV Team!


A talented person is talented in everything. Your work is proof of that: the whole time you been here, you was proving to be an exceptionally talented Engineer and an exceptionally talented Leader!

We believe that the Automation Systems Department is able to overcome any crisis until it is under your leadership! We also want to note that your activity is based not only on high professionalism, but also on personal decency and a sensitive attitude to people.

We sincerely wish you the strongest health, inexhaustible energy and efficiency, as well as peace of mind, harmony and happiness in your personal life.

You are an absolute leader, a role model, the best among the best! 

Way to go, Sasha!