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Functional music

Date of publication: 06.09.2019
Category: Hospitality and hotel news

It is not so important whether you are going on a short business trip or on a multi-day family trip, the hotel of your choice will be the main place to relax. The atmosphere of comfort away fr om home is the main task for hoteliers around the world. Choosing the style of music in the reception area, lobby, restaurant or elevators should be very delicate. Musical design should be as relaxing and comfortable as possible, but not boring and without negative associations.

In the 70s, through scientific research, it was proved that the pace and style of musical composition by 80% affects the speed of movement of guests and the work of staff. For example, when a guest is in a bar wh ere a relaxed atmosphere is created by playing light music, the average order volume is much lower than with a dynamic one.

In the hospitality industry, the effect of the first impression is important, therefore, when creating a playlist for a particular hotel and placing it in it, the music editor evaluates the features of the interior and acoustic environment. Of course, the quality of the equipment is important, the architecture of the building affects the content for playback. Ideally, when the sound is as even as possible and the compositions smoothly replace each other.

The next feature of the musical accompaniment of the hotel is the number of zones for broadcasting. All zones should have their own unique musical style and created atmosphere, but not be out of the general ensemble.

In addition to compositions, music in some areas of the hotel can reproduce sound elements, such as birdsong, the sound of rain or forest. Such musical inserts fit very well in the thematic areas of the hotel and create an indescribable experience with the guests.

The playlist should not be repeated in a circle, as the time of day greatly affects the auditory perception of a person.

Musicstyling is a market leader in licensed music content. By using the exclusive algorithm for playing songs, it is possible to do this without repetition. The service allows you to broadcast compositions with a smooth transition between tracks, and control of all broadcast areas is from the player’s personal account (web interface).