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   News   The voice recognition feature in Bittel MODA phone and when can we test it?

The voice recognition feature in Bittel MODA phone and when can we test it?

Date of publication: 09.04.2019
Category: Hospitality and hotel news

Modern technology has an increasing arsenal of functions. The use of such a technique becomes intuitive and more convenient. Today we want to share more detailed information about the voice recognition feature of Bittel MODA phone.

In fact, this feature began to be used for a long time ago. Back in 1952, one created a device that could recognize the numbers, spoken by man. First devices began to produce such companies as IBM, Sperry (abolished in 1986). This technology was originally used in the military sphere. A commercial counterpart appeared in the early 90s, gaining increasing use in various business areas.

Today, this technology is used everywhere. Bittel is one of the leading providers of smart devices for the hospitality industry. The creators of MODA phone model wanted to bring attractiveness, adaptability and affordability in use for guests and hoteliers. Designed by Jacob Jensen, MODA is a beautifully designed, intelligent device that meets the needs of modern travelers. One of the easy-to-use features is voice recognition. All MODA phone modules support it. MODA engineers are constantly working on the development of VR technologies used in the module.

The importance of voice recognition

The function is important and convenient, because the voice dialing command makes the ordering process, information support, search a much faster and more comfortable process. In addition, the use of equipment with such a system allows you to automate certain tasks for processing incoming calls, simplifies the interaction of the guest with the system and reduces the total waiting time for the guest on the line. Thus, your hotel will free up significant resources of staff, which will distribute to other equally important tasks.

MODA is compatible with all guest mobile devices, and the innovative solution allows hotel owners to keep up with constantly changing technologies.


To date, voice recognition is only available in English and Chinese. MODA phone model is definitely one of the most attractive and innovative smart devices in the hospitality industry. We are waiting for Russification, and you?

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