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   News   Hotel TV - is it for watching Netflix series or it's something more?

Hotel TV - is it for watching Netflix series or it's something more?

Date of publication: 01.04.2019
Category: Hospitality and hotel news

Today, TVs in hotels are more than just a resource for watching movies and shows. These are full-fledged interactive devices that inform, control and entertain guests.We want to share with you the latest technological trends from this area:

  • More content options. Commercially licensed intelligent applications are constantly evolving in the hospitality industry. Resources such as Netflix, Hulu and Crackle no longer close the circle of content for guests.
  • Televisions are becoming a platform-oriented solution for rooms. Television becomes the center of interaction in the room. Now there is integration with OTT (method of providing video services via the Internet) and voice activation - this is convenient. Internet of things is used to the maximum in the rooms. This is content management; room control, such as lighting and locks; energy management (consumption and automation); voice activation and so on. Previously, these would be separate solutions, but now the TV can act as a hub, without requiring separate equipment or external devices.
  • Internal computing power. What is under the hood behind the display continues to expand and improve, so we will continue to see better performance.
  • Display technology. The technology continues to evolve with the advent of OLED and 4K Ultra HD LED screens, which are becoming more accessible as a result of the proliferation of 4K UHD displays in both consumer and commercial markets.

According to Jonas Tanenbaum, vice president of the Samsung hotel television division, 4K TV is the new “standard” in hotel rooms, especially starting at 55 inches. "This reflects consumer trends, when 4K TVs make up the vast majority of what people put in their living rooms, so it makes sense that it is this technique that guests expect to see in their rooms."

5 things important to guests

  • Each guest is individual. Entertainment in the room is no different, and the platform, successfully integrated for individual needs, makes it possible for guests to feel at home.
  • Guests want to self-broadcast. Preferred content that a person has on their own device, rather than prepared by the hotel content for guests. Guests want to use their own subscriptions to Netflix, HBO and others.
  • Security is an issue. Guests are nervous about entering the app in the room. This is due to the input of the username and password in the application on the in-room TV. Hoteliers should focus on the security features included in any potential entertainment platform, while at the same time trying to inform guests about the availability of such security protocols.
  • Technology should be simple. Guests want an intuitive and easy working technology. Entertainment is relaxation and enjoyment, so they should be light. If there are many steps or if something is confusing, then the service is unlikely to be used.
  • Strengthen the hotel brand. Every aspect of your hotel, from the tile in the lobby to the softness of towels, the size and possibilities of in-room entertainment, influences how guests perceive your hotel and your brand. Television, which offers only linear channels with a feeling smaller than at home, makes your stay not so comfortable, while a television platform with access to what guests like to use at home and on the road is a winning experience.

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