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Interview of MusicStyling Team

Date of publication: 11.01.2019
Category: Hospitality and hotel news

Read a great interview of the passionate group of people who work to create the perfect, welcoming musical atmosphere.

The idea for Musicstyling really originated out of a personal need when I was managing a boutique hotel in Spain for three years and noticed that music always played an important part and had been overlooked for several years.

Axel Jennewein, Managing Director 

A music creator is somebody who listens and understands fast waves of music and can understand how instrumentation and vocal patterns, energy levels, bpm works to deliver sounded playlists thet have meaning throughout each time of day.

Pablo Clark, Head of Music 

We treat every project like a blank page going to with kind of open mind and take the research of the design and the architecture review that and share it with their team and then come up with a set of specific concepts that match the location or the vision of the brand.

Where is no algorithms being used it's people working with people and creating something very special together.

Greg Tait, Creative Director 

The sound in a space is essential as a part of the experience. At a bar, at 11 o'clock I'm having a cup of coffee and I'm checking my mail, and I'm going at a bar at 7 o'clock on a Friday to have a beer with friends. It's the same space, but because of the event it's completely different and you have to have music that supports that.

Kent Harris, Director Europe, Middle East, India, Africa 

The things that influence on my own values is anything from the interiors, the restaurant, the food, the location and even just an element within a single track.

Rich Hampson, Global Head of Media 

All those things that is personal to that brand I will try to flush that out with the music.

We're not selling music, we're selling the whole experience of music.

Jef Cheah, Creative Director 

We really look at every client as an individual and starts in scratch.

We choose every individual song specifically for every individual client.

Andrew Wintner, Creative Director 

The value of good soundtrack gives a space something that connects people so deeply with a sensory level. That is something people take away with them.

Alix Rumsey, Director of Music Programming 

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