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   News   LG SuperSign for managing the content of digital panels

LG SuperSign for managing the content of digital panels

Date of publication: 20.03.2019
Category: Hospitality and hotel news

LG SuperSign is an integrated management program that provides a framework for creating and managing digital content remotely. The user can transmit various content, set the broadcast schedule without time limit. While installing software on a web server, a user can access the system wherever there is a web browser.

Main benefits:

  • Simple and effective software capabilities will be able to master even beginner users. Samples of industry templates and simple controls, such as drag and drop, make it easy to create a professional-level content;

  • The LG SuperSign remote content delivery feature allows to manage it quickly and efficiently. While working in local or global networks, one can quickly transfer content to each display separately;

  • The system is easy to maintain, it saves time and money and allows to focus on further business development. The real-time monitoring and diagnostics system allows to manage the solution even in remote mode;

  • Due to protect against errors and malfunctions, the software provides automatic network connection recovery and self-healing.

LG has come a comprehensive way for creation of SuperSign system

First of all, there are two servers fr om LG SuperSign: Lite and W. SuperSign Lite is the basic software for managing the content of digital panels and SuperSign W is the advanced software. Their main functions: Creating a communication plan and distribution in the network and control playback. (Video wall content synchronization support - relevant only for SuperSign W).

Secondly, there are 3 types of editor: SuperSign Editor, Simple Editor and Media Editor. The first one is a template-based content editor for SuperSign W and Lite software. The second is simple content management software for digital panels, wh ere you can create content and playlists. The last one is an enhanced version and a professional editor with the function to customize templates based on templates.

For the convenience LG brand has created a mobile version of the software - SuperSign M. Thereby it is possible to develop a communication plan, edit and distribute content via mobile devices.

SuperSign N was created to transfer content from an external source to the SuperSign interface.

SuperSign C and SuperSign WB both help to manage. The first one is a content management software for digital panels, which is controlled and remotely monitored via RJ45 and RS232C interfaces. The second is a software for adjusting the white balance, sensor and camera.

LG SuperSign is the perfect solution for a hotel, restaurant, bar or any other business that needs a simple, attractive and efficient way to communicate with the target audience.

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