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   News   Samsung's Flip display

Samsung's Flip display

Date of publication: 27.07.2018
Category: New products

Samsung's 55-inch Flip display is a digital replacement for the traditional whiteboard or flip-chart.

With the flip Samsung is trying something new considering what it's already a superstar when it comes to TV and smartphone.

Let's imagine your traditional boardroom setup. There is a table and chairs, of course, probably flanked by a TV that negotiators can cast their screens onto and whiteboard for taking down notes brainstorming strategy etc. 

With the flip Samsung aims to create one device that can replace both the TV and the whiteboard.

It's 55 inch touchscreen that also doubles as a 4k display that can be in either landscape or portrait mode. It also comes with two dual sided styluses and it's powered by Samsung's operating system with eight gigabytes of storage.

The main board supports up to 20 screens per file. You can save those pages and if you are looking to secure your work you could even lock those pages from anyone who doesn't have the password. So if your entire company or department shares a flip those aren't authorized to access certain information or otherwise will not be able to view those pages you can then import and export pages to USBs laptops, mobile devices or a network drive. 

You can cast to the flip from a laptop or smartphone from your laptop. If you have a Windows 10 device your can just wirelessly cast to the flip.

You can also connect your laptop via HDMI which is the only way to connect a macbook to the flip.

Your Samsung Galaxy smartphone can be connected to the flip works as well. All you need is just tap the stylus holder on the side through NFC to make thet process even simpler. From there you can operate your smartphone on the flip in portrait mode as you would on your phone.

The flip truly is just a replacement for a TV and white board in your boardroom. If you are looking to simplify your boardroom with a smart board you won't be disappointed with the flip.

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