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iQ cast by Quadriga. It's the future of in-room entertainment, now!

Date of publication: 23.07.2018
Category: New products

iQ cast. What is it?

Standalone streaming driven by Google Chromecast used with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. With iQ cast guests can stream their choice of entertainment from their phone and tablet to the in-room TV. iQ cast works with 100’s of guest devices, gives app free access and prioritises data security and privacy.


Why iQ cast?

It's the future of in-room entertainment, now!

Guests are taking their entertainment with then wherever they go! The need to wait for a specific show at a specific time, or to pay for media content that could only be watched on one screen at that moment, was replaced by the convenience of on demand on my device, on my time.

Hotels have the biggest, best screen in the room, but your guest is willing to watch his or her content on a tablet because it’s more convenient. 

iQ cast от Quadriga

Now is the time to adapt your services to reflect the guest habit.

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