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   News   Natasha Nikonova's 10th Work Anniversary!

Natasha Nikonova's 10th Work Anniversary!

Date of publication: 10.05.2023
Category: Company's life

Today we have a wonderful day: Natasha Nikonova, our Business Development Manager, a truly unique member of our team, celebrates her 10th work anniversary!

Natasha, the entire PWV company congratulates you on your 10th anniversary, on this remarkable milestone, with such significant achievements and success!

When you joined our team, you remarkably quickly adapted to all specifics of the job. Thanks to your friendliness, communicativeness, modesty, and integrity, your versatility, and undeniable talent you quickly earned the respect of our clients and our entire team.

Natasha, you are the heart of our team, an outstanding employee, and a wonderful person!

Your contribution to the development of our company is evident to all, and today we would like to say: Thank you so much!!!

Thank you for always maintaining a positive outlook on life, for being with the company for so many years, and for your outstanding achievements.

We admire the way you work; you are an experienced professional.