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   News   Digitally redefining the GX

Digitally redefining the GX

Date of publication: 30.01.2020
Category: Hospitality and hotel news

The guest experience in hotels is undergoing a revolution.

Digital solutions integrated with the in-room televisions are redefining how guests can enjoy their stay, as well as how hoteliers can manage and tailor their digital offering.

The in-room TV takes center stage.

So through the TV, hotels can offer custom services for guests that the guests themselves control through tailored user interfaces that communicates the hotel brand.

To give you some examples, the digital GX can for example include;

  • Casting the guest content to the TV

  • In-room automation

  • Mobile or voice technologies, or both

  • Customized mobile apps for things such as booking management, pre-arrival communication, extra service ordering, room registration and information finding.

All these features and functionalities makes the user feel like they have the same conveniences as home and then some.

Personalizing the experience

The guest experience should and will be highly personalized, allowing guests to easily access their own entertainment and streaming services during the stay, just as they would in their own living rooms.

Chromecast, AirPlay and Miracast are the main casting technologies on the market and with one, or any a combination of those technologies, the guests can cast content from their streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or to the TV with iOS or Android devices.

Are you a revolutionary?

The shift towards the modern digital guest experience has already begun.

First-movers are sure to leave the rest behind them in quality of the guest experience and guest satisfaction.

© Danny I. Shaw, Vice President Global Sales at Hibox Systems Oy

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