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   News   Helvar Best Growth 2021 - PWV

Helvar Best Growth 2021 - PWV

Date of publication: 08.02.2022
Category: New projects

PWV Group became Helvar Partner Award Winner for 2021!

«Big Congratulation for the Partner Awards PWV, JFS, Inerzia, BCL and Vanpee Denmark. Great work and well deserved recognition! Massive thank you from the whole Helvar team!»


Helvar is a world leader in lighting intelligence. Helvar solutions are built for wellbeing and caring for the environment.

But these are not just big words. In addition to these, they save energy and improve human comfort. 

That's the reason why we believe Helvar solutions should be in every hotel, office, business centre and even in every room: Helvar technologies are scalable.

We are grateful to Helvar for its appreciation! We are sure PWV will continue to launch many new intelligent lighting projects!