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   News   Thermostat e7 Inncom. Elegant. Modern. Convenient.

Thermostat e7 Inncom. Elegant. Modern. Convenient.

Date of publication: 26.07.2019
Category: New products

Manufacturers of RMS systems (automation and control of room equipment) regularly delight us with new products. Perhaps, one of the new products worth paying attention to was the new e7 thermostat from Inncom.

Today hoteliers and interior designers are increasingly preferring elements of equipment for room management, which most organically complement the concept and design of the room.

And the Inncom's new thermostat is perfect in all respects.

  • Desirable: for interior designers
  • Easy: for hotel guests
  • Simple to install and maintain: for technical staff

Smart lights

Maximum peace of mind and comfort of a guest is one of the main tasks of the hotel owner. e7 INNCOM is designed to be invisible when necessary, and to divine the guest's wishes when needed. When the thermostat is approached at night, the device wakes and illuminates, making it’s location known and highlighting buttons.

The e7 thermostat detects the light level in the room, and adjusts the backlight illumination to a subtle glow and displays target temperature. Upon approach the thermostat awakens, and provides information about the system such as the measured temperature, outside temperature, and fan status.  A large easy-to-read keypad provides a simple interface for guests to set comfort level.

The e7 Inncom thermostat is an excellent example of quality and style, isn't it?

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