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The Ritz-Carlton Astana

City: Astana, Kazakhstan

PWV Group completed the work on the Ritz-Carlton Astana Project. PWV has carried out the world's first project on the implementation of the new Quadriga GRE (Guest Room Entertainment) Interactive Television System that has been chosen as a standard for Marriott.

The official opening of the Ritz-Carlton Astana 5* was made in conjunction with the EXPO-2017 Astana. EXPO-2017 Astana is the landmark event for Kazahstan - the international exhibition of this magnitude have never took place in Kazahstan before.

Quadriga become the world's first interactive television system that was able to fulfil all Marriott GRE requirements. PWV Group become, in turn, the world's first hospitality integrator that was able to implement Quadriga GRE in Marriott Group Hotel.

An interactive television system that allows you to demonstrate hotel services on the screen of hotel TV
Headquarters with modular architecture and a wide range of tools

Company's life
Battle of wits in a quiz and karaoke show
Company's life
Dress Code: Elegance. Everyone showed up in masks, making it a challenge to spot familiar faces!