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Quadriga Sensiq

Quadriga Sensiq is the most advanced technology platform available on the market, which gives you the ability to tailor your Interactive Television System to your specific content and appearance needs. Sensiq has been created to enable you to deliver your unique guest experience via the in-room TV, to achieve your business objectives and to match the ever-growing expectations of your guests. Now you can personalise the way you communicate with your guests, in-room, with tailored, relevant information and content, delivered in the language of each guest. So you can meaningfully stay in contact with your guests once they've checked in.

The simplest and most intuitive of user interfaces means your guests can quickly and easily navigate the range of content to find what they are looking for.

As hotels constantly seek to differentiate their guest experience, Sensiq can make all the difference.

Quadriga is a leading international provider of guest technology managed services for the hospitality industry.

Quadriga has more than 30 years experience serving the hospitality sector and operates in the key strategic geographies of USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, supporting more than 360,000 guest rooms including 100,000 with HSIA.

PWV team will help customise and optimise your portal to ensure it best meets your business objectives. And you can adapt it yourself, as your needs and priorities change.

We aim to work together, as your professional partner, to provide the very best guest experience available, beginning with the implementation and continuing with support, on-going product innovations and third-party integration to your Interactive Television System.