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   Collective TV reception system   Teleste Luminato

Teleste Luminato

Headend Luminato Teleste is a multi-DVB and IP platform, which has broad functionality. The platform is used to create digital DVB-C, -T, -S/ S2 and IPTV headends. The platform has a compact design (1 RU). Up to six modules can be installed. The modular architecture makes it possible to receive a signal from a variety of sources (ASI, DVB-S/ S2, DVB-T/ T2) and provide a digital stream to output interfaces IP, ASI, QAM.

In addition to the attractive appearance of the headend Luminato.  The software is constructed in such a way that even an ordinary user can completely reconfigure the channel broadcasting network after a few minutes of use.  While the more experienced engineers will appreciate the incorporated Liminato set of tools, which will allow him to resolve almost any problem in the field of broadcasting.

Technical specialists PWV, produce the entire range of works by calculating the configuration of the headend to the final commissioning of the equipment.