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SOLIS Hairdryers

Since 1933 SOLIS has been producing hairdryers for the world’s best hair stylists at its manufacturing site in Ticino / Switzerland. 
Swiss craftsmanship – build to last! SWISS MADE is much more than just producing products in Switzerland. It means functionality, design, durability and innovation.  

SOLIS hairdryer is produced to the highest standards, starting from the housing by using precision injection moulding machines to the final assembly by hand. Each hairdryer has to pass a rigid quality control prior to being shipped to hair stylists and hotels around the world. 

Poor air pressure and low specifications is the reason many hotel hairdryers are slow to dry. Our newest hairdryer, The Swiss Perfection Hairdryer, has 50% more air pressure and 40% greater airflow than average hairdryers. It also includes Ion Technology which ensures the best possible hair drying result. 

SOLIS offers hospitality professional-quality hair dryers. We believe that expensive, cutting-edge technology of drying hair should also be available for guests in the hotel room.