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Special hospitality phones
Exclusive guest-room phones
A slice of British history by the bedside

All of the finest hotels demand the best special hospitality phones in their rooms, for the benefit, pleasure and comfort of their guests.  In-room hotel phones are vastly different from regular office phones.  They are designed and produced for convenience, making a guests stay more satisfying and hospitable. 

The Hotel phone has several advantages compared to the business phone:

Hotel phones have a full-length faceplate, displaying all of the necessary information for the guest needs. 
Such as:

  • Hotel Logo, Address and Relevant Telephone Numbers. 
  • Conveniently placed information on the faceplate, with directions for the guest on how to make a call, ie; local call, international call or how to call other room etc.
  • Up to 10 memory keys are included on the phone.  These are marked with icons and Russian/ English description words.  Icons will help direct a guest to call reception, the hotel bar or get any hotel service they chose.

Hospitality phones are produced from high quality ABS plastic.  This guarantees that phone will not change its color or fade in the future.

The weight of the phone is almost 1 kg, allowing it to stay on surface while the guest is talking. The cord between phone and handset is much longer than usual.  This allows the guest to feel more freedom and comfort while in conversation.

The phones for the bathroom are waterproof, which ensures absolute safety whilst using in the bath.

PWV is the exclusive distributor of the Bittel brand in Russia and the CIS. Bittel is one of the leading hotel telephone manufacturers in the world today, being well renowned by all international hotel chains.