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Locking Solutions Hoist

Hoist Group’s RFID Lock provides hotels with a stable and reliable security solution, while giving the guest a more comfortable and relaxing stay, with features such as: PMS integration, personal access for staff, panic release, emergency key, in-house support, RFID and keycard.  

    PMS Integration

  • The RFID Lock can be integrated with most common Property Management Systems. This simplifies the process of issuing the key cards at check in as the staff can use one system instead of two

    Personal Access for Staff

  • Set access for the staff controlled by floor, rooms and time of the day. Head of maintenance may/can have unlimited access to all rooms while cleaning staff may only have access to one floor and only for a limited time a/of the day

    Panic Release

  • The doors can always be opened from the inside. The deadbolt and the latches are automatically retracted by the inside handle

    Emergency Key

  • If there is an emergency, the RFID Lock system can be mechanically overridden with a master key

    No Lost Keys

  • If lost, the keycard can easily be reprogrammed 

    Optional Keys

  • You can choose keycards, keytags or wristbands in a variety of colours and/or customized with your hotel logo