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   Hospitality TVs

Hospitality TVs

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Impress your guests with the next generation of HD Hospitality LED TVs. Hospitality TV sets are equipped with a unique interface which allow a variety of system applications.  Including internet access, video on demand, video games.  TV sets can be connected to the analog and digital IP based networks to obtain information about services and promotions.  Integration with interactive television is both simple and convenient.
The hotel based TV sets have important features, which allow the guests to get the most enjoyable experience, with minimal maintenance issues to hotel staff.  
Standard hotel TV sets include the following features:

  • Menu Lock (this prevents guests inadvertently changing hotel TV settings).
  • Volume Restriction (prevents guests using excessive volume).
  • Power-Up Channel (specifies the channel or input, on power-up or from standby).
  • Welcome Message (displays a standard greeting message at power-up).
  • TV Cloning (saves the settings from one TV, enabling to quickly configure others).    
  • Integrated Clock/ Alarm (hotel guests can set a wake-up call using the remote control).
  • External Speaker Output (connect directly to external speaker without an amplifier).
  • Extra Power Supply (power ancillary equipment without an additional power supply).
  • Serial Control Connection (enable external devices to control the hotel TV)

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