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   Wall readers

Wall readers

Secure your property with Trillium wall readers at perimeter doors, elevators, parking areas, swimming pools, health facilities, etc. 

Off-line wall readers allow to gain access for authorized card holders only, and the audit trail retains the last 500 openings.

On-line wall readers allow reception personnel to check openings as well as to authorize or deny card access in real time. Non-volatile memory supports an audit trail of the last 8,000 openings, and an anti-passback function is also incorporated.

Wall readers are programmable, just like any Onity lock. Perfect for interior or exterior use, readers can be equipped optionally with a heater for temperatures below 0ºC.

There are also special versions for elevators which can optionally incorporate a control board that allows filtering the access to eight different areas from one single reader.

Trillium readers are available with an optional DirectKey module, enabling a proven mobile key solution.

It provides secure wireless communication of credentials form the user’s smartphone to a locking device, via Bluetooth technology. With a smartphone app, guests can securely download their assigned key for easy access to their assigned room and other access-controlled areas.