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Bittel Phones

PWV has a varied range of services.  These include the supply and installation of Bittel phones, which are designed to meet all of your commercial hotel and telecommunication needs.

Bittel’s unique and feature rich telephones are both aesthetically pleasing and specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the hospitality market.  

In keeping the design, development and manufacturing all in one location, Bittel is able to provide the highest quality guestroom telephones and level of service in the industry.

Why most hotels choose Bittel hotel phones:

Bittel is a world leader in the telecommunication field and in the development of new technology.  Bittel is at the forefront of developing changes within the hospitality market.  The range of guestroom telephones that fully integrate with major PBX brands.  Bittel has a model to fit every budget and hotel size.

Main Bittel phones features:

  • Faceplate Plus™, full-length faceplate and placard faceplate.
  • 10/5/3/0 Guest Service keys™, Permanent one-touch memory keys.
  • EZ Message Light™, Message Waiting Light and Ringer Indicator with retrieval function.
  • Auto-Connect™, Busy tone disconnected automatically  
  • Privacy-Guard™, Last dialed number disappearing after a definite time
  • Express-Programmer™,Support Remote Programming, Master Cloner 
  • Phones are manufactured from high quality ABS plastic, which guarantees that the phone will not change its color in its lifetime.

Numbers and letters on Bittel phone buttons are not just printed, but are injected twice, so they will never disappear over time.

The weight of the phone is over 1kg, enabling it to stay on the surface while the guest is talking. The cord between phone and handset is extra-long, helping the guest to feel more convenient while in conversation.