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Bang & Olufsen Hospitality TVs


Hospitality is all about spoiling your guests with good experiences and creating the perfect atmosphere for their stay. We spoke to esteemed hoteliers about the art of hosting, the creation of the perfect welcome experience and the advantages of choosing Bang & Olufsen products. Approaches differ from hotel to hotel, but everybody seems to agree that attention to detail and picking the right brands to work with are pivotal to success.



Guests at high-class hotels have high expectations when it comes to audio and video equipment. At Bang & Olufsen we fulfill these expectations with our beautiful range of products and user-friendly connectivity solutions. Our highly skilled service team will help any hotel customise a solution that fits perfectly to their needs. Bang & Olufsen’s brand-tobrand promise is to add an extra element of customised hospitality to the welcome experience and make sure the guests will stay elevated throughout their visit.

Bang & Olufsen’s world-renowned television, user control and loudspeaker designs have won numerous international awards and received widespread acclaim. The advanced patented technology inside delivers optimum audio and video in any environment. Every model is designed with a focus on performance, functionality and usability. With one single customised remote control, guests can easily control audio and video equipment in their room, even the lighting, curtains and air conditioning.


Bang & Olufsen’s wide range of products are available in a multitude of colours, sizes, designs and positioning options, giving you an amazing amount of creative room to design interiors, suites and public areas. You decide if the product fits in or stands out. One noticeable trend throughout the industry is that an increasing number of travellers are bringing their own devices for entertainment and work, and they expect an easy connection between these devices and the hardware in their hotel rooms. Choosing Bang & Olufsen is choosing the possibilities of the future, today.


A Bang & Olufsen TV not only delivers perfect images, it combines them with perfect sound too. By combining stunning image quality with exceptional sound, Bang & Olufsen TVs deliver experiences that are way beyond the sum of their dimensions.

The range of Bang & Olufsen TVs spans from understated elegance to technical masterpiece. Pictured above is the premium range BeoVision Avant. It comes in three sizes and features a multitude of
placement possibilities.