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Onity НТ28

Article code: НТ28
Designed for multi-applications, this solution is the closest stand-alone lock to an on-line locking system. The HT28 Smart system, in conjunction with the Revalidator, improves the security, productivity and management of your property through the use of smart card technology.

  • Multi-technology reader using either ISO/ABA mag-stripe cards, memory-chip cards, microprocessor smart cards or any combination of the three
  • Audit trail: records the last 500 lock openings including date, time and card user
  • Non volatile memory (program)
  • Masterkeying available
  • Lock ensures accuracy by reading the mag-stripe card twice, once during insertion and once during removal
  • Office mode (free access)
  • Green and red LEDs to indicate lock status, including a low battery warning
  • Deadbolt operates by a thumbturn inside the room for added guest privacy and security ("Do-Not-Disturb" Function)
  • Able to manage shifts