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Onity Trillium RFID

Article code: Onity Trillium RFID
Contact-less room entry has quickly become a hotel industry standard and Onity is leading the way in advancing RFID technology to optimize security, ease of use and aesthetics. Existing HT24 locks can be easily converted to RFID technology in only a few minutes per door. Our technology features multiple levels of encryption to maximize security and peace of mind.

  • Stand alone installation (no wires required)
  • Reading technology: contact-less RFID (ISO1443A)
  • Powered by (4) AA batteries
  • Average battery life: approximately 2 years 
  • Unlimited masterkeying potential 
  • Multiple opening devices available: cards, wristbands, keychains, etc.
  • Non-volatile memory: records last 500 openings including date, time and card user
  • Deadbolt operates by a thumb-turn inside the room for added guest privacy & security
  • Programmable to customer needs: office mode, free passage, etc.
  • LED's to include the lock status including a low battery warning
  • MiFare compatibility