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Article code: BDL3230QL, BDL430QL, BDL480QL, BDL550QL, BDL650QL, 49BDL3050Q, 55BDL3050Q, 65BDL3050Q, 75DBL3050Q, 86DBL3050Q
Transmit information and charm guests with the help of Philips Q-Line Professional Display. This reliable solution can be installed and configured as quickly as possible without the need for additional hardware.
Model Q-Line
Screen size 38''/43''/48''/55"/65"/75''/86''
Resolution 1920 X 1080 (Full HD)
3840 X 2160  (UHD)
Panel Type Direct LED
Direct/Edge LED
Orientation Landscape
Connections VGA, DVI, HDMI, RS232, RJ45, USB
+ DP (UHD)
Functionality Dual Core Chipset
8 Gb Internal Storage
Rapid USB <-> Internal memory function
+ Android 5.0 (UHD)
Brightness 350 - 410