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Moda Cordless Phone

Article code: ModaHSW6560, ModaHSIPW6570
Moda Cordless Phone contains Moda cordless handset and Cordless Master Base, just connect the cordless master base to the Hotel Anolog PBX, then you can register up to 5 slave handsets to the cordless master base. This is extremely suitable for luxury apartment and hotel suite rooms.

  • UP to 3 programmable service buttons on MODA handset
  • MUTE, HOLD, SPK, VOL+ and VOL- functions
  • PAGE button for handset registration
  • Cordless master base 
  • Handsets warn of low battery, and recharge rapidly
  • Hold current call in waiting mode
  • Five step adjustable ringer volume on the handset
  • Dimension: 130*130*30mm
  • Weight: 140g
  • Color: Black