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Jacob Jensen HT60 Hotel Phone

Article code: HT60

Elegant and stylish telephone. It features programmable memory keys, pre-defined configurations of the user menu and functions, user blocking to avoid guest room changes, message waiting indication and configuration memory back-up.

  • Caller ID display, supports FSK and DTMF
  • PROG button
  • Redials the last number dialled and dialled number disappears within 5 minutes.
  • Mute button
  • Programme service button with R.P master cloner and handset cloner.
  • 7 service buttons
  • Desktop and wall mounting
  • Weight: 958g
  • Dimensions: 198(L)*138(W)*88(H)
  • Line cord: 2m
  • Handset cord: 2.7m
  • Materials: ABS, PMMA
  • Color: Sliver-black/Black