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Electronic key management system

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The newest generation of key management systems features state-of-the-art security and quality. Hinges are mounted inside the cabinets and doors open automatically. Handles are no longer needed. Cabinet doors are made of highgrade stainless steel and are reinforced with a security frame. High quality security locks and an emergency battery round off the system.

The cabinets consist of a monocoque style compact steel-housing with integrated control unit. In case of a complete loss of all electronics, the door has a manual key override, then all key slots can be mechanically released, quickly and without any tools.

All systems are equipped with modern ARM processors, 7” touch screens and 5MP cameras with microphones and speakers. This allows to communicate by video with the reception desk or a technician directly at the system.

Alarm contacts for both doors, a emergency battery and security locks secure the system. Additionally a independent monitoring board serves as “watchdog”, which sends out alarms even when the main board is out of service.


  • 7" - control unit
  • RFID-Reader
  • 10-360 locking positions