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Aircharge Wireless Surface Charger

Article code: AIR0004B, AIR0004AB
Install this wireless charging transmitter within any desk, meeting table or other worksurface; and enjoy the convenience of being able to charge smartphones and tablets without being tethered or having the hassle of finding a power point.

  • Qi certifed - supports all Qi compatible devices and aircharge accessories
  • Fits into 80mm hole in worksurface (retrofittable to standard 80mm desk grommets)
  • Fits to a range of desk thicknesses (18mm - 50mm)
  • Can be secured to underside of work surface using steel plate and screws provided
  • Soft rubber ring to place phone / device on
  • Power cable: 2m USB
  • Input: DC 5V, 1500mA (plug must be this specification)
  • Frequency: 100-200kHz
  • Steel Plate to clamp the charger to the desk
  • Wood Screws: 4 psc.
  • Bolts: 8 psc.
  • Spacers: 4 psc.
  • Cable Clips: 6 psc.


  • Plug
  • 4 port USB charging hub