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Hospitality TV Philips MediaSuite

Article code: 32HFL5011, 32HFL5014, 40HFL5011, 43HFL5011, 43HFL5014, 43HFL6014U, 49HFL5011, 50HFL5014, 50HFL6014U, 55HFL5011, 55HFL6014U, 65HFL6014U
Philips MediaSuite TVs have the functions and tools to efficiently install, configure, and manage devices. The displays are equipped with all modern means of connecting external devices to synchronize with mobile devices and connect to the Internet. To ensure low power consumption is the latest LED lights. All devices are certified for energy efficiency class A, A + or A ++.
Model MediaSuite
Support of SmartInfo  Yes
Support of Wi-Fi Yes
Screen sizes    32"/40"/43''/49"/50''/55"/65''
Frame rate 100 Hz
Dimensions 32"/40"/43''/49"/55": 1920 x 1080 (FHD) 
43''/50''/55''/65'': 3840 x 2160 (UHD)
Broadcasting system Digital:

Digital Crystal Clear
Brightness: 300-350 cd/m²

Audio Incredible Surround
Sizes (w × h × в, mm)

32": 727 х 425 х 64/77
40": 918 х 532 х 77
43'': 968 x 563 x 64/77
49": 1099 х 632 х 66/79
50'': 1128 x 653 x 68/78
50'' (Ultra): 1228 x 655 x 81/86
55'': 1244 x 719 x 68/78
65'': 1462 x 842 x 71/87

Inputs and outputs USB
Antenna, IEC75
Headphones output
VGA input fr om PC
Output on АС for bathroom
Common CI+ interface
Ethernet-LAN RJ-45
Digital output of audiosignal (optical)
Interface Serial Xpress
TV management WIXP/JAPIT
RJ-48 connector
Interactive IR port
Enable by SCART
External power supply 12 v/15 Vt
Features Connection Plug & Play
Superior "hotel" mode
Automatic configuration system (ATS)
Digital tuningPLL
Automatic installation of channels (ACI)
The name of the program
Auto-naming programs
Lock Setup Menu
Access to security menu
Joystick lock
Electronic TV Guide
Auto Volume Limit (AVL)
1 canal list analog. / digits.
Output on display
List og programs
Joystick control
Graphical user interface
Hotel functions

Functions of a hotel guest
Auto power on
Eco Mode / Quick Start
Welcome message
Enable channel
Volume lim it
Sleep timer
Connection Panel Compatibility
Block auto-update channels
Blocking wireless software downloads
External clock support
16: 9 format expansion
Wide screen
Mode Super Zoom
Auto Format

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