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   Access Control   Onity Electronic Locking Solution

Onity Electronic Locking Solution

Onity electronic locking systems ensure the safety of guests and hotel staff. Electronic locks are installed on the doors of guest rooms and service rooms: in conference rooms, restaurants, recreation areas. Magnetic guest cards and service smart cards are used for access. Additionally, energy-saving devices and a revalidator can be installed, which reduces the number of wires by 99%, increases security and simplifies key management.

Locks are certified products and meet the security standards of the BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association). Comply with the requirements of the ADA (American Disability Association).

The Spanish company Onity is known worldwide for it's product quality, distinguished by it's pleasant design, reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. Over 20 years of operation, the company's products have found their application in 115 countries around the world, in which more than 3.7 million devices have been installed at more than 22,000 objects. It is a global supplier of electronic locks, electronic safes for hotel rooms and energy supply solutions. Onity combines innovative technology and reliable service, and provides modern electronic locking systems.

The introduction of security systems based on electronic locks in a hotel allows you to optimize the management of the enterprise, it will provide a tool for investigating conflict situations, discipline personnel, eliminates the problems associated with a presence of mechanical keys.

Onity technology enhances the security of your hotel and allows you to increase revenues.