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   Access Control   RFID OniLocker

RFID OniLocker

IRFID electronic lock for lockers which provides high security and convenience using contactless carriers (cards, wristbands, etc.). An ideal solution for:

  • Spa & Wellness centres
  • Ski resorts
  • Golf clubs
  • Sports complexes


  • Contactless electronic lock: locking and unlocking by approaching the carrier to the proximity reader
  • Autonomous lock, no wiring
  • Can be installed on wooden and metallic doors
  • Possibility to create Master cards to lock and unlock any of the lockers
  • User and Master card management
  • 2 locker assignment options: Numbered (Lockers and opening devices are identified and each card/tag only opens its matching locker) and Free (The user can occupy any free locker, and once occupied the locker cannot be opened by any other card. The user cannot use any other locker until the first one is released).
  • Complete system with management software and card/tag encoder (basic limited capability version without them also available for small installations)
  • Compatible with the Onity RFID lock range. The system can be configured in such way that one sole card works with 3 devices: room lock, energy saver and locker (not applicable to basic version).