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   Guestroom control and energy management systems   Room Management System for Hotels by Bittel GRMS

Room Management System for Hotels by Bittel GRMS

Bittel, founded in 1989, offers specialized hotel phones, information panels, sockets, switches, and network equipment. Their solutions are approved by international hotel networks such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Hyatt, Radisson, Kempinski, and more.


Concept of Bittel's GRMS

Bittel introduces a new solution for managing hotel rooms in its lineup of devices – GRMS (Guest Room Management System). GRMS transforms hotel rooms into smart rooms, aiming to provide guests with maximum comfort and hotel owners with efficient resource management and cost reduction. Today, GRMS has become an essential component of hotel infrastructure for the following reasons:

Guest Comfort

GRMS can make hotel rooms truly smart and convenient. With GRMS, guests can control lighting, temperature, and room equipment (automated curtains, multimedia devices, etc.), significantly increasing guest loyalty.


GRMS is designed to enhance building energy efficiency, optimizing energy usage and reducing expenses on lighting and HVAC both within the building and the room.

Operational Cost Reduction 

By reducing electricity consumption, GRMS lowers hotel operational costs.


GRMS easily integrates with Property Management Systems (PMS) and other hotel systems.

Flexible Management Options 

Guests can manage the system through the hotel TV, tablet, or wall panels of their choice.

Bittel GRMS – The Best Way to Control Lighting and Climate 

Bittel's Room Management System allows easy adjustment of lighting and climate in the room through various predefined scenarios.

  • Welcome mode, bright mode, reading mode, theater mode, sleep mode, etc.

  • Temperature and air conditioner power settings according to the selected scenario.

  • Opening and closing curtains through switches or based on scenario settings.

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EMS Standalone System – Guest Presence Detection and Climate Control using Sensors 

Bittel's guest presence detection system includes a thermostat, presence sensor, and magnetic door sensor, eliminating the need for outdated and inefficient key card holders.

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Benefits of Bittel GRMS 

Bittel GRMS stands out with its modular design, ensuring easy installation, low construction costs, and easy maintenance. The system is attractive for its simplicity and technological advancement.


Small Button – Big Possibilities: Need room cleaning? Or does the guest want to be undisturbed? Any request can be fulfilled with a single button press for the corresponding scenario.

Effortless Energy Saving: The automatic "Room Unoccupied" scenario significantly improves hotel energy efficiency. Lighting and room temperature control buttons allow guests to contribute to environmental sustainability without wasting excess electricity.

Modular Design: Allows combining modules according to unique needs, providing high efficiency at a low solution cost.

Easy Maintenance: Module replacements support Plug & Play functionality. After installation, new modules automatically download the configuration file from the main module, eliminating the need for programming and reducing operational expenses.

Patrol Function: Modules have self-diagnostic and electronics checking functions on all floors and rooms of the building. Thanks to the patrol function, you can detect faults before guests do, significantly reducing the effort required for fault detection.

Bittel GRMS is not just a room management system; it's a key component of a smart hotel, ensuring the highest level of comfort and efficiency.