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Lighting control solutions Helvar

From simple switching standalone solutions to full lighting control management systems, Helvar's lighting controls are categorised to help you easily identify the level of control you require.


As a programmable DALI lighting system, DIGIDIM offers flexibility in the design of modern lighting solutions. With a wide range of user and load interfaces, digidim allows you to tailor intelligent lighting control for many applications ranging from education to open plan offices.

  • Smart programmable area control
  • From rooms to large areas
  • Energy efficiency together with wellbeing
  • Wide range of user interfaces
  • Integration to AV systems


Helvar’s Router System offers a scalable and flexible solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from energy efficient commercial lighting to state of the art architectural lighting applications. With 3 different models available (905, 910, 920) a modular approach to system design and implementation can be achieved using Industry standard communications. Each individual router can provide a maximum of two powered DALI subnets supporting up to 128 DALI devices. Multiple routers can be networked together using standard Ethernet switches to accommodate for large network solutions.

  • Maximum freedom in lighting design
  • From room to multiple sites
  • Live energy monitoring
  • Various user interface options
  • Lighting scenes and transitions
  • Automated control
  • Colour temperature control
  • Integration to building automation systems


Helvar’s Designer software is an intuitive tool for engineers to design, commission and program Helvar router systems.

The latest generation of Designer is capable of utilising the new DALI Type 8 protocol for LED drivers allowing improved control. A suite of user interfaces provide the ideal visualization tools. The scene table and channel graph now include colour as well as level, along with the usual copy/paste and multiselect features.

The Helvar Router System provides a building block for commercial, architectural and ArchitainmentTM lighting control systems to be integrated. They produce the best of both worlds and greatly simplify the jobs of installers,systems integrators and lighting designers. The routers also allow for integration with third-party systems such as Building Management Systems (BMS). The proven scalability and flexible functionality of the Helvar Router System makes it a versatile solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from energy efficient commercial lighting to state of the art architectural lighting applications. Its Ethernet (TCP/IP) backbone allows the routers to be mixed and control any common light source, including halogen, fluorescent and LED. The Helvar Router system uses standard Ethernet communication to integrate DALI networks. Its modularity allows for scalable systems, from a single office room to a large office building. Basic functionality is available “out-of-box” without any programming. Advanced functionality is programmed through Helvar’s Designer software. Each individual router can operate one or two DALI subnets containing a total of 128 control devices and load interfaces. The system enables energy saving via a combination of presence detection and constant light functionality. Further automation is achieved through scheduled time events. Ethernet I/O commands enable interfacing to third party systems such as Building Management Systems (BMS).


SceneSet is Helvar’s app for controlling Router systems using iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets. It is free to download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

With SceneSet users can easily connect to their Helvar Router System using WiFi and have access to a range of control features via an elegant, customisable user interface. The app allows users to recall and modify scenes across multiple lighting groups on the Router system Workgroup. It also provides an intuitive interface for controlling RGB colour and tunable white luminaires. A range of customisation options allow users to modify the look and feel of the app and built-in back-up and security features make it the perfect addition to a professional, Helvar controlled lighting installation.



uSee is a web-based lighting system management interface that allows end-users to monitor their energy usage and adjust scene levels via any web accessing device be it a PC or tablet. uSee Interface puts the management of a lighting system in the hand of end-users, without any need for Designer programming software knowledge. The Interface’s contemporary and intuitive design allows end users to call up real-time energy usage reports a few easy steps. uSee works by automatically scanning your lighting system’s Designer programme settings and interpretting them into plain English so that the people who use the system day to day can make adjustments to their scene setting levels and rename label fields to suite their need.