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Micromaster RMS

VDA Vitrum Micromaster

VDA is a leading international company providing technical solutions in Building Automation and Room Management, and also producing IPTV, Guest Wifi and Smart Touch Switches.

The VDA group has asserted itself thanks to the technology and flexibility of its systems that are entirely designed and produced in the headquarters in Pordenone, Italy. VDA has installed and maintained more than 2.150 systems across 190,000 rooms, throughout five different Continents, and in many prestigious locations, working with world hotel chains such as Hilton, Kempinsky, Hyatt, etc. 

Interfacing with the interactive TV system ONAIR, the remote control and iPad© become the tools for room control and management.

Having captured a leading position in the sector, VDA offers a large product spectrum, with services and technological solutions that can work either together or independently. The company manufactures all its own hardware and software, providing international certifications, as well as country specific ones. VDA can also produce complex customised solutions that are able to satisfy almost any request or need.

The fundamental principles that are the basis for the creation of our solutions are their advanced technological platforms, their simplicity of installation, that they are user-friendly, and their versatility to integrate with other third party systems.

Thanks to its advanced technology, VDA is able to successfully communicate with any kind of light product on the market, both old and new generation, interfacing with DALI and DMX protocols, or working directly with Dimmers and PWM.

VDA Vitrum Micromaster

The various VITRUM applications allow integrated management of various devices within a building, guaranteeing simplicity and rationale in their use. VITRUM has been designed to be easily customised according to the client’s wishes. The addition of icons and/or symbols within the buttons, enhances the natural ergonomics, and can be made to specific requirements and tastes.

Adding a customised logo gives your unique signature to a product that is already a symbol of great style and refinement.