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Background music systems

PWV performs complex equipment of hotels multimedia equipment sound public areas of the hotel: lift areas, bars, restaurants, lobby and foyer.

Amplification system distributes sound through the places in which the listener is. The use of high-quality equipment provides an acoustic accompaniment of any event with a clear, legible and uniform distribution of sound and reverberation time, consistent with the objectives of this room.

The standard sound system includes the following equipment:

  • Microphones
  • Musical content
  • Digital processors switching and audio processing, noise reduction
  • Power Amps
  • Control Panel sound system
  • Loudspeakers.

We can also equip your complex karaoke system, special sound system pools, spa areas, open areas. Equipped with professional concert hall systems.

Our experts will help you create the perfect sound system for your needs and desires to install and configure all the necessary equipment.

Information about this service will be available soon.