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Conference room systems

PWV can supply and install the latest multimedia-equipped meeting rooms.  Modern hotels are at the centre of business activity, hosting and accommodating business meetings and conferences.  To host these events it is essential to have access to the correct facilities and equipment. We will design and install all of the equipment necessary for you to have a display system and host video conferencing, including simultaneous translation equipment.  Also comprising of motorized actuators, projection screens, projector lifts, lifts for screens etc. PWV will configure the software and provide excellent after-sales service. All our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and installation of conference systems to all standards and intricacy. 

The complex equipment typically includes the following systems:

The visual system - Video projectors, video walls, interactive displays and boards are used for easy communication of the material presented within the room.  The system should match the size of the room and the requirements exhibited by the content.

Sound systems - sound sources, processing equipment, sound amplifiers, recording devices. The main content of the system is clear, legible and there is a uniform distribution of sound throughout the room.

Video conferencing systems provide a remote video conference to participants. The hardware and software, stream video and audio over the Internet.

The simultaneous translation system is used for events that have foreign guests participating. Event attendees can listen to the translation by the simultaneous translation headphone receivers.  These have the ability to sel ect the channel of their native language, to receive a comfortable and audible presentation of information.

Lighting control provides the user the ability to create comfortable lighting within certain events, depending on the time of day.

The Congress system is a complex set of equipment that provides voice conference to participants.

The Switching system provides the display device information without the noise and distortion.

The Management system allows you to manage any system meeting room remotely fr om a single source point.

All systems provided by PWV, have the ability to adapt and change the parameters of the various operating modes of the premises.

Every complex hotel multimedia system is individually tailored, after studying the area available and identifying the specific tasks needed. Each system is carefully designed, avoiding future mistakes and preventing additional costs for replacement of equipment or the acquisition of additional systems. Our experts will install and configure all of the necessary equipment and provide you with the perfect set of systems for your conference rooms.