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CPI Hospitality Solutions

CPI Global has been in business for over a hundred years. White two hundred and fifty employees, it has an annual turnover of thirty-one million Euros.

CPI Global is your valued contact, as it has solid experience within this sector as a designer of digital displays. More specifically it has designed:

- Dynamic and directional signage
- X Box and Kinect consoles
- Digital art and digital players
- Electronic concierge service
- Web Corner

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CPI Global has been designing, manufacture and installing dynamic and static communication tools to make hotel professionals stand out from the crowd.

After ten year of development in the hospitality sector, over fifteen hundred hotels have been equipped in more than twenty countries. CPI Global has confirmed its presence and leadership on the world market.

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Messages for customers, room rates and services, exchange rates, marketing content, general information (news, weather and traffic for a range of cities) can be displayed, giving your visitors a stress-free experience.

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“Most of group brands have been relying on CPI Global for over 8 years as part of a partnership based on dynamic displays providing information and advice. Extensive use is made of constantly developing range of customer services, underlining our technological positioning. This means that our staff spend much less time on repetitive tasks without any added value, and can concentrate on customer service. The tool developed by CPI Global combines simplicity, graphical quality, respect of our constantly evolving graphical standards and course compliance with current legislation.”

Director of Consumer Technologies

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Seminar logins are managed automatically according to your reservations and  the system directs customers to meeting points. Customer logos and meeting names allow fast and effective visibility.

The customer logo and the name of the meeting giver a personalized touch to your events, allowing rooms to be located quickly. Massages constantly scrolling through or other information livens up your screens.

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A graphic designers team is dedicated to create content and animated graphics. Our solutions cover a brand range of other needs such as games consoles, internet kiosks, touch screens and any kind of solution you can imagine for your hotels. 

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